Diaphragm valve DK DN 15-65

The DK-DN diaphragm valve project realized for the company FIP Formatura Iniezione Polimeri S.p.A, of the Aliaxis group, is based on the coordination of three aspects: the integration of the new Dialock patent concerning the valve locking system, the ergonomics of use and functionality of the object and finally the aesthetic research. Technical specifications
Fip Spa | Aliaxis Group
Ergo Design

Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione 2017 | Premio dei Premi

Premio per l'Innovazione ADI 2016

ADI Design Index 2016

The valve is an industrial object, subjected to intense stress. It’s therefore very important that it’s extremely robust and reliable over time, that it functions very well and is calibrated and precise in its opening and closing movements. This project is a brilliant example of design for work.
The shape is designed so that the hand can have a secure grip on the tap, even when wearing work gloves, and can hold the object with a certain amount of force. We have created asymmetrical facets on the knob to make it even easier to close the valve.
The bright colours and the grip give a graphic movement to the piece communicating visually the opening or closing of the flow. The opening level is indicated with immediate clarity in the centre of the valve. The new patented DiaLock system allows the valve to be locked in over 300 positions.

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